Rescheduling a secondment

What is possible to reschedule?

The European Commission (EC) obliges GEOCEP to report certain variations in the rescheduling of secondments and retains every right to accept or refuse them. Please contact the administration of GEOCEP administration prior to undertaking any action. 

As a general rule, GEOCEP will accept these variations upon consultation:

  • To move the begin and end date of a secondment without altering significantly the duration and/or destination;
  • To replace a researcher, without altering the secondment, by another of the same beneficiary institution;
  • To reduce the duration of the secondment as long as it does not affect the quality of the research;
  • To extend the duration of the secondment, as long as the beneficiary institution has the resources and the total duration does not exceed twelve (12) months. 

GEOCEP will refuse these rescheduling which do not comply with business requirements:

  • To change the partner institution and the destination where the secondment takes place;
  • To move the end date of a secondment after the end of the project.